Quantifying and Weighting Different Approaches to Selection

Multi-Variate Hiring Approaches

Organisations tend to combine multiple approaches when they are selecting candidates for a wide range of roles from that of General Assistant to that of CEO. These approaches can include analysing a candidates performance and/or capabilities in the following areas:

  • Their interview performance
  • Their training and qualifications
  • Their results on personality assessments
  • Their results on general ability assessments
  • Their relevant experience
  • Their extra-work/extra-curricular activities

How do you weigh these approaches objectively?

However, this multi-variate approach can give hiring managers and recruiters a headache as it increases the difficulty and complexity of the decision-making process. For example, it can be hard to make a selection decision when;

  • One candidate performs very well at the interview but does not have strong qualifications.
  • Another has excellent experience but falls short in terms of general ability.
  • A third shows great motivation but has a limited range of relevant competencies.
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Our Weighted Selection Approach

To help our clients more effectively combine different selection approaches we created a “Quantifying and Weighting Matrix Approach”which is a points-based one that aligns with the the person and job specification for any role. Points are allocated to each one of the different approaches taken in assessment of job candidates – general ability, specific aptitudes, specific personality attributes, experience etc. 100 points are allocated to the entire process. Depending on the relative importance that the corporate client assigns to each approach, a number of points are given to each approach. Candidates reaching or exceeding that cut-off point are deemed to be suitable candidates for the role in question and either selected for it or invited to the final interview.

Make your hiring process more rigorous, effective and traceable today.

Our Two Options

We offer two options – a comprehensive version which improves the effectiveness of our clients’ selection process from screening to final selection and a concise version which helps our clients make better selection decisions at the early stages of the hiring process. If your goal is to more effectively combine different selection approaches and improve the quality of your new hires, then this service is the right approach for you. Click on the boxes below to find out more about these two options.

In the comprehensive version, we propose aligning the job and person description provided by our client with a series of assessments where candidates are measured:

  • On the three key elements of general ability and intelligence – verbal, numerical and abstract skills.
  • On key personality attributes such as composure, sociability, customer focus, dependability, innovation, openness to change.

Points are allocated to each measurement based on its relevance to the job in question and points are also allocated to the following:

  • A candidates competence based interview performance.
  • Their training and qualifications.
  • Their extra-work/ extra-curricular achievements.
  • Any other pertinent factors.

These measurements are all combined and a cut-off point is set which candidates need to make before they can be invited to the next stage of the assessment process or of it is the final stage of the process, the highest scorer will receive the job. The points are allocated across different variables based on our experience and our clients knowledge of their industry.

The concise version is used to help companies filter a number of candidates at the early stage of the selection processes. In alignment with the job description and person description provided by our client, candidates undertake the general ability and personality assessments. Points are allocated to each of these measures based on their relevance to the job in question and candidates that score below a cut-off point are not invited to the next stage of the process.

Some of Our Clients

We work with a number of large companies including Fortune 500 companies such as CRH and Abbott as well as leading Irish companies such as Musgrave Group and Horse Racing Ireland. We also work with a number of SMEs such as the software company Kneat Solutions and the HR consultancy firm Wright Consultancy.

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Why should I trust this approach?

It continuously improves

This approach provides excellent traceability. You can correlate the data from this approach with other performance data and refine your strategy based on the findings. For example, you may find that the most successful candidates scored highest on the personality assessments and this will lead you to increase the number of points allocated to the personality assessments. The ability to link HR decisions to these measurements ensures that your selection process can continuously evolve and improve.

It is based on experience

At ETC Consult, we have been using innovative approaches to recruit successful candidates for a range of companies for over 35 years. This quantified and weighted approach was developed because we identified that hiring managers and recruiters have vast amounts of information about candidates but they often lack effective and falsifiable means to weigh this data effectively. Our current clients who are using this approach have seen how this approach has made their selection process more rigorous and effective.

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