Online Career Guidance

At ETC Consult, we have created a scientifically-validated online career guidance programme called Career Fit which is hosted at Career Fit is designed for those 80% of students and adults who have had varying degree of success in their educational history from very low to above average levels who are looking for a practical, professional and inexpensive online career guidance service. Everything that we have learnt over the past 30 years selecting staff for companies of all sizes and specialities on the one hand and helping people find better careers on the other hand has been incorporated into Career Fit.

Who uses Career Fit?


Career Fit helps second and third level students choose practical jobs best suited to their aptitudes and interests. It also gives them directions on how to go about finding providers of such jobs and courses leading into them.

Employed People

Career Fit helps employed people who are dissatisfied, frustrated, unfulfilled or fed up in their current role evaluate and select alternative career options that are suitable their unique mix of interests and aptitudes.

Unemployed People

Career Fit helps unemployed people and those struggling to get work to focus on getting into careers and jobs that are right for their unique mix of interests and aptitudes.

Career Coaches

Career Fit helps Career Coaches and Counsellors improve the quality of their one-on-one sessions by providing personalised insights and extra time for discussion.

Our Three Options

  • Career Interest Exercise

    First, you can take our Occupational Interests Index (O.I.I) which highlights the jobs and careers that you are likely to find interesting and motivating.

  • Career Aptitude Exercises

    Second, you can take the Career Aptitudes Index – which is made up of 3 key aptitude exercises. This highlights jobs and careers that are ideal for your unique mix of verbal, numerical and abstract aptitudes.

  • Combined Interests and Aptitude Exercise

    Third, you can take our most popular option- the combined career interests and aptitudes exercise which highlights jobs and careers that are ideal for your unique mix of interests and aptitudes. It also provides guidelines on how to go about getting into your ideal career as well as an inspiring message outlining what you can do next.

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