Personal Development

Who is this programme for?

This programme is for you if you are at a crossroads in life about an important decision or decisions that you have to make. We use our experience and expertise to provide you with an objective, professional, valid opinion that will help you to make the best choices. These decisions can be in relation to areas such as;

  • Your career
  • Your domestic situation
  • You are considering emigrating
  • You are considering self-employment
  • Your retirement
  • Your happiness
  • Your leisure activities
  • Your personality, interests and motivations
  • Your communication skills

How does this programme work?

You come to our office in Dublin 6 for a discussion with our Occupational Psychologist for 60 minutes about the important decision or decisions that you have to make. The following steps are part of the discussion;

  • We begin by discussing the historical details that are relevant to your current situation.
  • We move on to discuss the options that you have; their advantages and limitations and implications.
  • We then list the optimal strategies and tactics that you can adopt to ensure that the decision you make will be a happy, enjoyable and successful one for you.

Our personal development programme has helped hundreds of people make better decisions.

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