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Have you got an upcoming interview and you’re not sure you have the skills to stand out from your competitors? Do you think you could land a better job if you improved your performance at interviews? We can help you. At ETC Consult, we have been providing a professional, practical and effective Interview Skills Training Programme to people across Ireland for 35 years. The effectiveness of this programme is based on our extensive experience working with companies of all sizes and specialities to interview and select suitable candidates. This experience provides us with a detailed and practical knowledge about how to convince hiring managers and interviewers that you are the best candidate for the job.

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Our Full Interview Skills Programme

Our Interview Skills programme is split over two sessions. In the first session, we interview you for the job in question or one similar to it using the person description and job description that you will have with you or if that is unavailable, we will supply a person and job description.


  • We score you on an evaluation chart that we use to select candidates for companies.
  • We note your strengths and weaknesses.
  • We give you immediate feedback on how you have done.
Interview Skills Training
Interview Skills Training

Post-Session Feedback and Practice

After the session, we outline how you can improve under 9 separate headings and answer any queries you have. We provide you with comprehensive notes and you practice at home based on our notes and advice.


  • These 9 headings are based on the criteria we use to select candidates for companies.
  • We advise you about the best way to practice to ensure a significant improvement.
  • If you have any queries, we are always available to help you.
Session 2 – Perfecting What You Learnt

At the end of that practice period, you return for the same interview and based on our advice and notes, we are confident that your second performance will have improved significantly.

  • We will advise you on areas that you can improve.
  • By this stage, you should be equipped with the skills to outperform your competitors.
  • We are always available if you have any queries prior to your interview.
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Don’t let your interview skills hold you back from landing a great job.

Emergency Interview Skills Programme

This programme is for you if you are in a drastic hurry; there is an interview coming up within days and you do not have the time for the full programme. In it we combine the two sessions of the full programme into one session. In the first part, we interview you for the job in question or one similar to it using the job description and person specification that you will have with you, or if not available, ones that we will supply.

  • We score you up on an interview evaluation chart that we use to select candidates for companies and give you immediate feedback on how you have done, noting your strengths and your shortcomings.
  • We then revisit your weakest answers and work on those. We point out to you what you should be saying and how to say it.
  • We discuss any queries that you might have; give you a comprehensive set of notes to remind you how and what to practice and then send you on your way to practice at home for the real thing.

Our Programme is suitable for different types of people

Our programmes are suitable for people working in all specialities at all levels from van driving to senior management. Below is a list of the roles of some of the successful interviewees who have successfully taken our Full Interview Skills or our Emergency Interview Skills Programmes.

  • Business people – Accountants, Supervisors, Sales and Marketing Executives, General Managers, Financial Service Dealers and Traders, CEOs.
  • Scientists & Engineers – Biochemists, Forensic Scientists, Zoologists, Engineers, Technicians, Microbiologists, Pharmacovigilance Specialists, Team Leaders.
  • Public Sector Employees – Teachers, University Head of Departments, Consultants in the HSE, Gardaí, Fire Officers, Politicians.
  • Other Professions – Pilots, Van Drivers, Apprentices, Consultant Pediatricians. Solicitors.
Our programmes have been taken by successful interviewees applying for nearly every type of role.

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