Hogan Select Reports

List of Reports

When you successfully complete our Hogan Assessment Certification Workshop, you will gain access to the following Hogan Select Reports;

  • Advantage Report
  • Express Report
  • Basis Report
  • EQ Report
  • Fit Report
  • High Potential Report
  • Safety Report for Selection

Avoid Costly Selection Mistakes

Nearly everyone has hired the wrong person at some time in their career. Recent research has shown that 46% of new hires fail and 89% of the time, this failure is due to attitudinal reasons rather than lack of skill. Considering the significant direct and indirect cost of a bad hire, organisations need to make sure they hire people with the right attitudes and personality traits. Hogan Select can help.

Hogan Select uses personality assessments to identify candidates’ work style, understand their core drivers, and recognize patterns of behavior that could get in their way. These powerful insights can help you to hire the right people, improve your bottom line and avoid costly selection mistakes.

Recruiter checking Hogan Select Results

More Information about the Hogan Select Reports

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