The Hogan Assessments

Who uses the Hogan Assessments?

The Hogan Assessments have been used by over 60% of the organisations on the the Fortune 100 as well as countless SME’s to reduce staff turnover, increase productivity and profitability and evaluate leadership potential. The Hogan Assessments predict employee performance by assessing normal personality, derailment characteristics and core values. The assessments are based on decades of research and they have been applied in predicting performance in hundreds of roles from over 400 job families.

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Hogan Assessments Customers

The Hogan Assessments are used by companies of all sizes and specialities globally but below are a few of the companies that have used the assessments.

Why Hogan?

  • It is based on peer-reviewed research

    The Hogan Assessments have been validated in over 700 validation studies and 250 criterion-related validation studies to ensure that the results accurately predict workplace performance. The Hogan Research Division comprises of doctoral and masters level organisational psychologists who are continually evaluating and developing their services.

  • It has a proven ROI across numerous industries

    The Hogan Assessments have been proven to predict performance across over 400 roles (job families) in numerous industries – Communications: Computing and Technology: Consulting: Energy; Education: Financial Services: Government: Healthcare: Hospitality: Manufacturing: Retail: Transportation to name a few.

  • It is flexible

    The Hogan Assessments can be used to accomplish talent management objectives ranging from pre-hire selection to executive-level development. The multi-dimensional approach to personality assessment provides detailed insights to drive strategic decisions throughout the employee lifecycle.

  • The technology is scalable, flexible and secure

    The online assessment platform enables users to take their assessments anywhere, any time. The platform is completely private and secure as it is housed in a Tier IV data centre, protected by a firewall, and monitored by a third-party-managed intrusion detection system. To cater to the needs of global companies, Hogan Assessments are available around the globe in 40 languages.

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Hogan Assessments Certification Workshop

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Hogan Tests & Reports
Hogan Tests and Reports

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Case Studies
Case Studies

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