Why You Should Incorporate Personality Testing into Your Career Guidance

The level of happiness and success that your clients (or students) will experience in their careers depends on whether they have the right mix of interests, aptitudes and personality attributes for their chosen career. Helping people find and get into courses and careers that they are likely to love and do well in is one of the most rewarding parts of being a Guidance Counsellor. To help students and clients get into the right career, you need to:

  1. Be able to measure their interests, aptitudes and personality attributes.
  2. Direct them into careers (and courses leading into careers) that require such interests, aptitudes and personality attributes.

When people are thinking about what career to pursue, they could have the level of general ability required for it and a lot of interest in it, but if they lack the right personality attributes, they are less likely to be successful or happy in that field. For example, maybe one of your clients speaks fluent French and is very interested in becoming a French Teacher. Even if they speak French at an incredibly high level and love the idea of becoming a Teacher, unless they are very people oriented, supportive, helpful and empathetic, they are unlikely to be a very effective Teacher as they need to be able to manage a class.

Most fields require people with particular personality attributes. For example, Surgeons and Pilots need to remain cool, calm and rational in highly stressful situations and Accountants need to be very attentive to small details. Employers understand the importance of personality attributes as well, so they place a significant emphasis on identifying candidates with the right personality attributes for a particular role.

Personality tests are useful if you want to work with corporate clients

Also, if you wish to work with corporate clients in the field of psychometric testing, then they will want to work with you if you are certified to access, administer and interpret corporate personality assessments. Personality tests are used by corporate clients to hire the right people, identify future leaders and develop key talent. For example, most job and person descriptions list the personality traits that are required for the role. Psychometric tests can be used to objectively measure these attributes and the people administering and interpreting them can then make relevant recommendations to employers.

How do I gain the skills to effectively measure personality traits?

In order to effectively measure personality attributes and access a renowned and trusted personality test, you need to have completed a training course in personality testing that has been accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS). On the 13th and 14th of July, we are running the BPS Certificate of Competence: Personality Assessment course that has been taken by countless Guidance Counsellors. This course is nearly fully booked and it will give you the ability to administer, interpret and implement the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) which was created by the world’s leaders in Personality Testing in the workplace – Hogan Assessment Systems. The HPI is used by Guidance Professionals as well as HR teams all over the world for career guidance, development, leadership and talent management purposes.

BPS Personality Course

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