Selecting Better Candidates

Why Personality Predicts Performance

Personality is consistency in behaviour. We tend, from an early age, to show personality traits or behaviours that we continue to manifest as we go through life. For example:

  • Composed, even-tempered children become calm, rational-thinking adults.
  • Bossy, self-confident teenagers tend to become ambitious, driven adults.
  • Out-going, sociable students tend to become gregarious, socially adept adults.

Personality matters: it matters to individuals and it matters to organisations.

How Organisations Analyse Competency & Personality

In order to understand why personality matters, it is important to understand how organisational leaders analyse performance. Senior Leaders, Team Leaders and Individuals in the workplace know who is performing well in their jobs and who is not performing well by observing the behaviour of those who are competent; those who are not competent and those who are at any given point between those two poles.

Competence is a mixture of ability and personality – the ability to adapt to a continuously changing economic vista and the personality to apply that ability in managing, leading, motivating, developing others; persuading, thanking, supporting them; communicating, collaborating and sharing with them; giving them positive or negative feedback; making the workplace at all levels a better, more productive, more successful and happier environment.

Many studies have found that the right mix of ability and personality traits in individuals and teams in any organisation are what determine an organisation’s competence and success.

Professsionals analysing how personality predicts performance

How To Improve Your Ability To Predict Performance

Research has shown that those organisations – big and small- that go to the trouble of measuring what is required in terms of ability and personality for each individual and team role and to hire and promote candidates for and to those roles accordingly, are the successful ones across all sectors of the economy.

Can ability and personality be measured with a significantly high degree of predictive validity? Yes they can. They can be measured – and are measured worldwide by organisations using scientifically proven ability tests and personality tests. And the Personality Tests that have been used by 60% of the Fortune 100 and tower above the rest in terms of fitness for purpose are the Hogan Personality Inventories.

Select the Best Candidates

What do the Hogan Personality Inventories Measure?

There are three core Hogan Personality Inventories:

1) The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) predicts behaviour in the workplace under ordinary, everyday circumstances relative to productivity and kpi criteria. Whether your goal is to hire the right people or develop stronger leaders, the HPI gives you valuable insights into how people work, how they lead, and how successful they will be.

2)The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) predicts the behaviour of people in out- of- the ordinary circumstances – high, continuous levels of stress, pressure and demanding deadlines on the one hand or over-relaxation, arrogance or hubris on the other: when the guard is down. The HDS gives you the insights to identify and mitigate performance risks before they affect productivity and turnover.

3)The Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory (MVPI) measures human motivators – how much people are motivated by power, money, recognition, altruism, security and more. By assessing these factors, you can understand what motivates candidates to succeed, and in what type of role, job, and environment they will be most productive.

The huge advantage accruing to organisations that use the Hogan Inventories is that they can select for different roles only those candidates who meet the necessary personality criteria and when people are in roles that suit their personalities, they are happy and highly productive – and a highly productive workforce means a highly productive and successful organisation.

In Ireland Hogan Assessment Systems Inc. is represented by ETC Consult – provider of the three personality inventories and the training, through the Hogan Certification Workshop, to use them professionally.

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