Leaving Cert Student - Career Decisions

How to Help Leaving Cert Students Make Better Career Decisions

For 35 years, countless Leaving Cert Students have come to us for help because they have no idea what courses and careers are right for them. They want to find out but the task seems too daunting. There are so many potential courses, apprenticeships and careers to choose from that they are confused.

What barriers stop young people from making effective career decisions?

ESRI research has previously found that young people feel overwhelmed and rushed by the importance of the decisions that face them and research from the Behavioural Insights Team in the UK Government has found that they are not actively engaged in thinking about different career options as the task is too difficult. Given the vast array of CAO and PLC courses available in Ireland, it is likely that a huge portion of young people find the task of picking a career very difficult here as well. According to the research by the Behavioural Insights Team in the UK, some of the reasons why young people find this task so difficult are:

Young People Making Career Decisions

1. Online career advice is difficult to navigate: There are a range of sites providing different information in different ways. It is very difficult for young people to know what information to listen to and they end up disengaging from the process.

2. Career advice is focused on “moments of choice”: Career advice is focused on picking college or university choices but young people feel that they lack sufficient information about what types of jobs they would enjoy.

3. Career information is often focused solely on “cold” information such as long-term directions, salary and qualification requirements: Although this information is very valuable, there is not enough emphasis placed on helping young people get a picture of what working in particular careers would be like.

How do we identify what careers are right for young people?

At ETC Consult, we have found that people experience success and satisfaction in careers when they

  • Are interested in the work.
  • Have the aptitude to master the tasks and responsibilities.
  • Have the personality attributes and temperament required for success in this career.

So, as Guidance Professionals and Educators, your task is to help young people find careers that they will make a good income from that are suitable for their unique mix of interests, aptitudes, personality traits and personal circumstances. However, in order to do this, you need to have access to internationally-tested and trusted psychometric assessments.

In order to access the most renowned and trusted assessments, you need to have completed training courses in psychometric testing that have been accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS). This summer, we are running two BPS training courses in Psychometric testing that have been taken by countless Guidance Counsellors. These courses will give you the ability to administer, interpret and implement the best occupational interests, general ability, specific aptitude and personality assessments that are used by Guidance Professionals as well as HR teams for career guidance, development, leadership and talent management purposes.

BPS Training Courses

Find out more about how our internationally accredited training courses in psychometric testing will enhance your career guidance.

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