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Who is this programme for?

ETC Consult’s Comprehensive Career Guidance Programme is for students of 15 years and upwards and adults of all ages, backgrounds, experiences and qualifications. Students often use our services because they are unsure what subjects, courses or future employment options are best for them and adults often use our services because they are fed up, dissatisfied, frustrated or unfulfilled with their current career and they want to know what alternative options would be right for them.

Our career guidance programmes have helped thousands of students and adults in Ireland find and get into more suitable courses and employment options.

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How will this programme help me?

Choosing a career that is right for your unique mix of personality traits, interests, aptitudes, values and motivations is one of the most important life decisions you will ever make. The average person spends over 90,000 hours of their life working and you don’t want to waste those hours doing something that isn’t right for you or in some cases, that you actively hate.

  • This programme is a long-established, professional, comprehensive, one-to-one programme through which our clients receive the best possible advice and support on which career to pursue in life and how to pursue it.
  • This programme is based on our 35 years of experience in selecting people of all ages, abilities, motivations, personalities, experiences and qualifications for organisations in most sectors of the economy and our equally long experience in providing career guidance services to similar people.
  • Our vast experience selecting successful candidates for different types of roles ensures that we have a practical knowledge of what types of roles are most suitable for different types of people.
Career Guidance Dublin
Pat Shortt – Managing Director and Career Guidance Expert
How does this Programme work?
  • Stage 1

    You complete a range of exercises in our city centre location – an Occupational Interests Questionnaire, Aptitude Exercises, a Personality Questionnaire and a Biographical Data Sheet on your educational and work background as well as your leisure activities.

  • Stage 2

    You return – some days later – for a discussion based on three charts that are generated from the exercises you completed in stage one and your Biographical Data Sheet.

  • Stage 3

    We write and send you a comprehensive Career Guidance Report in which we recap the entire process. We relate your mix of interests, aptitudes, personality attributes and background information to our database of 1200 careers and the evolving employment market and give you a list of 10 careers that we are confident you will enjoy, be well able to pursue and make a good income from. Most importantly, we tell you how to get into them – and if further study is recommended, we give you two lists of CAO courses – and others – that lead directly or indirectly into those careers.

  • Stage 4

    You study your report; discuss it with whomever and then you either “bite the bullet” and go for your preferred option in our final recommended list or – if you have any queries on any part of the report – you revert to us for clarification and then you make your final decision.

Career Guidance Dublin – Abridged Career Guidance Programme

For those who want a shorter and lower priced career guidance programme, we also offer the Abridged Career Guidance Programme which is a condensed version of our full programme. This programme follows the same four stage process as our full career guidance programme – you complete a range of exercises, you return for a discussion based on the charts generated, we write a report and you study the report and select your preferred career from our recommended list.

Main Differences
  • In the full programme, you take six aptitude exercises whereas you only take three aptitude exercises in the abridged version.
  • You don’t take a personality questionnaire in the abridged version.

Don’t waste your life doing something that isn’t right for you.

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Get professional, one-to-one advice about what courses, jobs and careers are right for you.

Career Guidance Dublin