Competence-based Interviewing

At ETC Consult, we have been undertaking competence-based interviews on behalf of organisations of all sizes and specialities for nearly 35 years. This helps our clients determine whether a candidate has the necessary attributes, skills and qualities to be considered suitable for a role. The competencies against which we assess job candidates are similar to those that have been meticulously researched, developed and validated by established and renowned consultancy practices such as Lominger International.

How does this approach work?

A whole range of relevant competencies such as decision making, strategic planning, vision, leadership and building teams are assessed. They are assessed using open questions which invite candidates to give examples of situations in which they have demonstrated the competence in question in a relevant situation, how the competence was applied and what outcome resulted.

Answers are measured against “rubrics” of sample answers varying from excellent to poor and scored accordingly from 10 to 1. The scores for each competency are combined to give a cumulative score.

Job Interview
Combining the results from different assessments

What makes our approach different?

However, what makes our approach to competence-based interviews different is that we tend to integrate the results from these interviews with other core factors such as a candidate’s performance on psychometric assessments, their experience, their extra-work achievements and any other relevant factors for a given role. We refer to this as our quantified and weighted approach to selection.

In this approach, we combine the scores from all the relevant factors to give a cumulative score and a cut-off point is set which determines which candidates progress to the next stage of the process or if it is the final stage, who gets the job.

We work with you to ensure that you have best-in-class selection processes.

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