Strictly Stress


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Effective Stress management – A series of 12 sessions for high school students.  This is an ideal resource for use as part of a PHSE programme with a whole class or smaller group work.  It is specifically aimed at students who appear to be experiencing unacceptable levels of stress in their lives and who require support in order to understand, acknowledge and cope with specific stressors/sources of stress.  There are 12 sessions in this book.  These include comprehensive teacher notes and photocopiable worksheets for the students.  The structure ensures active pupil participation andprovides an opportunity to look at both the causes and Snappy Ideas Pastoral Care and Tutor Group Ideas Snappy ideas covers issues relevant to students in the middle years of secondary school.  The lessons are developed in a way that encourages students to experience and reflect on a range of emotions, thoughts and behaviours.  The main themes of the resource are: Relationship; resilience; identity; conformity; success; future; careers.  The activities have been extensively trialled in Australian schools by teachers with varied levels of experience and confidence, as well as with students from diverse backgrounds.  Copiable teaching resource