Career Fit Series – Occupational Interest Index (O.I.I.) Booklets


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The O.I.I. is written at the 11 year reading age level so the vast majority of students understand it. However, for those students whose reading age is below that level, the questions can be read aloud by the Guidance Counsellor and the resulting response recorded.

It is topical and practical; familiar names are included; students relate to it; find the format, the language, variety of activities interesting and – of the utmost importance – they engage with it.

It can be completed easily in 20 minutes.

The responses can be scored up and the O.I.I. Chart (provided free) completed in 5 minutes.

The chart provides an excellent visual presentation of each student’s occupational interests – existing and potential – spread over 15 Job Categories as in the following O.I.I. Chart.