Career Fit Series Manual


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The CFS is designed – and tested – for

  • “more practically-minded” students and adults
  • and students and adults who have had negative educational, learning or socio-economic experiences in life and who “disengage” or who are likely to drop out of education altogether
  • and students and adults with low opinions of themselves, their abilities and their prospects in life
  • and students who achieve low to average points in their Leaving Certificate Examination

to show them objectively and non-patronisingly that, despite what they or others might think, they have real abilities and interests that can be identified and combined and used to enable them to get into jobs, occupations and careers that they will find interesting, that they will be well able to do and that will raise their self-confidence, their self-esteem, their competences and their realistic aspirations to become highly competent in their work and/or move into more demanding roles of supervision, management, specialisation or entrepreneurship and make a positive contribution to society – a core element of 21st Century Skills Development Education.