toxic work environment

Quiz – How Toxic is Your Work Environment?

Toxic workplaces have become a hot topic of conversation in today’s world. Most of us have heard horror stories from friends about horrible bosses or terrible places to work.

But how do you know whether your workplace is truly toxic, a worse place to work than normal or just a normal, stressful work environment?

Over the past 35 years, we have helped people find new careers and hired candidates for companies of all specialities and during that time, we have learnt a lot about the characteristics of toxic places. We have used what we have learnt to create a 2-minute quiz that will help you to understand whether your work environment really is toxic.

We explain below how the quiz works:

1. Read the four statements under each topic heading, and choose the one that matches your situation best.

2. You will get 6 points for every A answer, 4 points for every B answer, 2 points for every C answer and 0 points for every D answer.

3. When you click the submit button at the end of the quiz, your result will be automatically displayed on your screen. The possible results are Very Healthy, Healthy, Average, Toxic, Highly Toxic and Radioactively Toxic. Each result will include a percentage, a score (the lower your score, the more toxic your work environment) and a short explanation.

Quiz – How Toxic is your work environment?