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How to find the right career

Choosing a career can be a confusing and an anxiety-riddled process. There are thousands of potential careers to choose from and it can be challenging to know where to begin. At ETC Consult, we have seen that people experience success and satisfaction in a particular job when they:

  • Are interested in the work.
  • Have the ability to carry out the responsibilities associated with the role. Ideally, the work shouldn’t be too hard or easy.
  • Have the personality attributes and temperament demanded by the role.
  • Have reasonable working conditions and a reasonable salary.

Most of us have some idea about our interests, our aptitudes and our personality traits but we struggle to translate this information into making successful career choices. It can difficult for the following reasons:

  • You have too many interests but none stand out.
  • You have many abilities and skills but none stand out.
  • You think that none of your abilities or skills are worthwhile.
  • You can’t come up with a career that combines your ability, interests, values and personality traits.
  • You have a career that you really enjoy but have low prospects of making a good living from.

How do people choose careers?

Since the task of combining your unique mix of interests, abilities and personality traits to find a reasonably paid career doesn’t seem realistic, we have seen that many people who have come to us for guidance made career choices based on one or some of the following factors:

  • Status and Money – When you are a student with little money, it can be very easy to imagine that you will be happy when you are a Consultant, Lawyer, Accountant or Investment Banker with lots of money and status. And there’s no doubt that your salary is an important factor to consider but if the job isn’t right for you, it will be hard to feel fulfilled.
  • Parental Pressure – Some parents believe that only certain careers (Engineering, Law, Medicine etc.) are suitable or appropriate for members of their family. As a result, many people pursue careers that they will never enjoy to please their parents.
  • Influence of Peers – After graduating, if all your peers are working in a certain field, it can be easy to feel that you should do the same
  • Job Security and Perks – Some people pursue careers such as teaching due to the job security and perks such as long holidays. However, they end up looking to change careers as the role isn’t suitable for them.
  • They took any job during the recession and now they feel stuck – During the recession, many people were grateful to have any job at all. Now that the recession is over, they want to see what other options are more suitable for them.
  • They pursued what they loved and made no money – Many musicians and artists come to us because they pursued what they loved but ended up struggling to make a living. It’s great to do something that you really love but we all have bills and responsibilities and if you can’t pay them, you have to consider other options.

How can I find a suitable career now?

To find a suitable career, you need to translate your interests, abilities and personality traits into career choices that you can make a good living from. This is where a Career Guidance Counsellor can help you as this is their field of expertise. At ETC Consult, we offer numerous different career guidance options that have helped thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds find a more suitable job and career. We offer:

  • One-to-One Career Guidance Programmes – At the end of these programmes, you will be given a list of careers that are most suitable for your unique mix of occupational interests, aptitudes, abilities, personality traits, experience, qualifications and personal circumstances. We also show you the best route to get into these careers. To find out more about our one-to-one programmes, please click on the following link –
  • An Online Career Guidance Programme – This can be completed in under 90 minutes and at the end of the programme, you will be given a list of careers that are most suitable for your unique mix of occupational interests and aptitudes as well as advice about how to go about getting into them –

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