Manuel Yoacham

Career Gallery – My Life as an Account Director at a Marketing Agency

Manuel Yoacham, Account Director at the marketing agency Vizeum shares his inside knowledge and advice about working in marketing.

Career Gallery

Over the coming months, we are going to be interviewing leaders in different industries to ask them about what they do on a daily basis, how they got into this type of work and what advice they have for people who want to work in their field.

The first person we interviewed was Manuel Yoacham, an Account Director in Dublin 2 for a Marketing & Media Planning Agency called Vizeum. As an Account Director, Manuel is responsible for developing media plans for companies across different industries and managing teams that are working on his accounts.

Manuel Yoacham
Manuel Yoacham – Account Director at Vizeum

How did you end up working in a marketing agency?

After I finished school, I studied Sociology and Politics because like a lot of people, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. After I got my undergraduate degree, I knew I wanted to do something more practical and applicable to the business world, so I did a Masters in Management in Smurfit. Even after that, I didn’t really know what exactly I wanted to do and I ended up doing a 13-month stint in recruitment. I found that wasn’t for me and while I was still working as a Recruiter, a friend of mine contacted me about an open position at the media agency that he worked for. I had no idea what working in a media agency would be like but I applied anyway as I wanted a change. The rest is history as I have been happily working in a media agency ever since.

What projects and challenges do you work on?

As a Media Planner, your core responsibility is to take your clients budget and decide how to spend it. You decide how much to spend on different marketing channels such as print and online as well as which newspapers and websites to use and you need to manage all the aspects around that. It is a very challenging role and a very rewarding role because you’re not just media planning, you’re also managing teams and managing clients and you need to be aware of everything that is happening on your accounts and the latest trends in the market place. You have to work on a lot of projects beyond your day-to-day responsibilities such as crafting long-term strategies for clients and that requires a lot of work and a lot of presentations. Sometimes, it can be long nights and stressful days. You can’t be in this job for a long time if you are not passionate about it because it can be tiring and difficult.

What do you like about working in media and marketing?

No two days are the same; there is always opportunity to work on different projects and with different clients and you get a broad range of experience. I also like that the media world is a small tightly knit community so you make a lot of good friends and have a lot of fun times outside of work as well.

What advice would you give people looking to join a marketing or media agency?

Be prepared to work hard, this industry is full of perks but the work will suddenly become very intense. If you are patient, smart and hardworking, this job can take you to a lot of cool places and you will get to work on some really interesting projects with smart people.

Would you say it is people-people who succeed in the media world?

I have worked with people in the media world from so many diverse backgrounds such as Zoology and Science: you don’t necessarily have to have a business degree. But you need to have a thick skin, you need to become engrossed in your role and you also need to be good natured. This job can be very difficult and it’s easy to get wrapped up in stress but the truth is that everyone in the office is stressed a lot of the time. If you can group together with your colleagues and have a bit of fun whilst working hard, then you’re going to love this role.

What types of people are best suited to enter this field?

It depends on what part of the business you work in because there are some parts where you don’t need to be as heavily involved with clients and you don’t need to work with that many people. But as an Account Director or if you are on the Account Management team, you have to be a good people-person. You have to be able to manage expectations and communicate effectively. If you are managing a team, you have to be able to manage your team in such a way that everyone is doing their job and has the right amount of work. You also need to make sure that your team isn’t getting too stressed and that they are always learning. Being able to develop a rapport with your clients and your team will make you very valuable. There’s also a big social element to the job, a lot of nights out so you’ll get to meet a lot of people so being a people-person will help with that.

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