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ETC Consult is based in Dublin 6 and we were founded in 1982 by our current Managing Director Pat Shortt. Pat is a Chartered Psychologist, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a member of the Psychological Society of Ireland, an Associate Member of the American Psychology Association and a long-standing member of the Chartered Institute of Personal Development, the Institute of Guidance Counsellors and the Irish Institute of Training and Development.

Since 1982, Pat and the team at ETC Consult have used their expertise to provide career guidance services that have helped thousands of people of all ages find and get into courses, jobs and careers that are right for them, to select suitable candidates for organisations in most sectors of the economy and to run psychometric testing training courses for professionals. Pat and the team also provide a comprehensive range of products and services for schools, therapists, guidance counsellors and psychology professionals.

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Patrick Shortt - CEO
Pat Shortt – Managing Director

Our Partners

At ETC Consult, we work with a whole range of organisations to ensure that our services meet and surpass the national and international highest standards.

  • ETC Consult is accredited by the British Psychology Society to train Guidance Counsellors, Human Resources Managers and Line Managers in the professional use of psychometric tests to the highest professional standards across the EU. These tests are used for a wide range of purposes such as career guidance, hiring, retention and development.
  • Our range of career guidance services have been recommended by Career Advisers in the Department of Social Protection to people who are finding it difficult to find and get into a suitable career, occupation or job.
  • A range of our career guidance assessments are on the Department of Education’s list of approved tests.
  • We provide training to other members of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors to help them improve the effectiveness of their career guidance services.
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Our Services

Services for Individuals
Services for Individuals

Find out more about our range of services for Individuals such as our Career Guidance Programme, our Interview Skills Training Programme and our CV Programme.

View our Individual Section
Services for Enterprises

Find out more about our range of services for Enterprises such as our Psychometric Testing Training Courses and our Psychometric Selection Services.

View our Enterprise Section
Product Catalogue
Product Catalogue

View the range of tests, books, supports and resource materials available in our product catalogue for schools, educators, organisations and professionals.

View our Product Catalogue

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