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At ETC Consult, we have been working with corporate clients of all sizes and specialities for 35 years. Based on that experience, we have seen that organisations that incorporate general ability assessments and specific aptitudes assessments into their hiring process save themselves significant amounts of time and money in comparison with organisations that make hiring decisions based on experience, qualifications and interview performance alone.

  • We are the distributors in Ireland for leading international test publishers like Pearson, Hogan and WPS.
  • We administer the tests on behalf of our corporate clients; interpret the outcomes relative to our clients’ requirements and make valid selection recommendations.
  • We also train corporate clients in test administration and interpretation and supply them with the relevant tests, should they prefer to carry out psychometric assessments in-house.
  • The main general ability and specific aptitude tests that we use were created by Pearson TalentLens. TalentLens is used by global companies such as Emirates, HSBC and BP.
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How do ability tests help selection processes?

Combining general psychological abilities and specific abilities has been found to be the single best predictor of job performance across all organisations and positions. Studies have found that people with higher general psychological ability and specific abilities acquire significantly more job skills and knowledge which leads to better performance.

Our objective assessments of general ability and specific abilities significantly improves hiring decisions, staff retention and productivity. We use a range of assessments from reputable test providers as well as our own bespoke assessments which have been tested, peer-reviewed and validated.

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Some of Our Clients

We work with a number of large companies including Fortune 500 companies such as CRH and Abbott as well as leading Irish companies such as Musgrave Group and Horse Racing Ireland. We also work with a number of SMEs such as the software company Kneat Solutions and the HR consultancy firm Wright Consultancy.

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Some Companies that use Pearson TalentLens
Core benefits of our approach
  • Get employees that are perfect for the role

    We objectively assess candidates to ensure that they are not given jobs that will be too easy and boring for them on the one hand or too difficult and stressful for them on the other. The result is that new hires are confident, competent and productive in their roles and turnover rates decrease.

  • Get instant results and insights

    Our range of ability assessments can be administered offline, online or a combination of both depending on the needs of our client. The software and systems that we use provide instantaneous results with detailed insights and analytics that enable us to identify the candidate(s) who have the right combination of specific and general abilities for any job.

  • Get experienced and trusted advice

    To complement the data and analytics from the software we use, our team has 35 years of experience and expertise in objectively interpreting and reporting the results of psychometric assessments. This ensures that our clients receive practical and trustworthy advice and reports in relation to which candidate(s) to select.

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