Career Guidance and Interview Skills for Individuals
Career Guidance and Interview Skills for Individuals

Learn more about how our practical, comprehensive and experienced career guidance services, personal development and interview skills services can help you find and get into a career that is right for you.

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Psychometric services for enterprises
Services and Training for Enterprises and Professionals

Learn more about how our enterprise selection services, psychometric tests and psychometric testing training courses can enhance your organisation’s selection, retention, development and leadership processes.

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Tests and Support Materials for Professionals
Tests, Support Materials and Resources for Professionals

Learn more about the range of resources in our product catalogue for professionals such as – Psychologists, Counsellors and Psychotherapists, Speech & Language / Occupational Therapists, Career Guidance Counsellors and Teachers.

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What makes ETC Consult different?

Our experience is unrivalled

Since 1982, we have been consistently providing best-in class services across a range of areas to countless enterprises, schools, individuals, parents, career guidance professionals, counsellors, coaches and therapists.

Our methods are proven

The psychometric and non-psychometric tests and exercises that we conduct in areas such as career guidance, interview skills training and candidate selection have been peer-reviewed, tested and proven to achieve the results our customers need.

Our services are practical

Enterprises, schools, individuals, parents and career professionals come to us looking for practical solutions to their problems. Our diverse range of experience and expertise ensures that we are always able to provide a practical service.

Who do we help?

We work with individuals of all ages who are looking for professional help in finding, getting into and getting on in careers. We have helped thousands of people across Ireland get into happier, more prosperous careers that are ideal for their unique mix of interests, aptitudes, motivations and values.

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We help organisations that want to enhance their staff selection procedure through the use of Psychometric Instruments, Competence Interviewing and Meticulous Background Checking. Our selection services have helped companies across a range of industries save millions by reducing  turnover, enhancing productivity and increasing profitability.

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We help qualified professionals who need to acquire Psychometric Instruments and complementary professional training in Psychometrics. We run a range of certified courses across topics such as the Hogan Assessments, British Psychological Society certified courses in occupational ability and personality as well as other refresher courses.

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We help teachers and educators who need assessments and resources for their classroom. We have been providing the latest and most trusted resources for educators and teachers since 1982.

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We assist parents who want to provide the best for their children in terms of education , course and career choice. We have helped thousands of parents provide educational and career choices that are right for their children’s unique mix of interests, aptitudes, personality, motivation and values.

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We help HR, Training and Line Managers who need internationally recognised training in the use of Psychometric Assessments. We provide certified training for assessments that are used by large companies and SMEs globally to enhance selection, development, leadership and retention processes.

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Upcoming Training Courses in Psychometrics

Hogan Assessments Certification Workshop
Hogan Assessments Certification Workshop

This workshop will teach you how to administer and interpret personality assessments used by organisations of all sizes to enhance selection, development, leadership and career planning processes.

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BPS Refresher Ability and Personality Courses
BPS Refresher Ability and Personality Courses

These courses help people who have previously taken the BPS Level A and/or BPS Level B course brush up their skills at administering, interpreting and implementing psychometric instruments.

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BPS Ability and Personality Testing Certificates
BPS Ability and Personality Testing Certificates

These courses will teach you how to apply and interpret the best occupational ability, specific aptitude, interest and personality assessments to enhance your career coaching, guidance and talent management activities.

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