Why You Should Incorporate Personality Testing into Your Career Guidance

The level of happiness and success that your clients (or students) will experience in their careers depends on whether they have the right mix of interests, aptitudes and personality attributes for their chosen career. Helping people find and get into courses and careers that they are likely to love and do well in is one of the most rewarding parts … Read More

How to Help Leaving Cert Students Make Better Career Decisions

Leaving Cert Student - Career Decisions

For 35 years, countless Leaving Cert Students have come to us for help because they have no idea what courses and careers are right for them. They want to find out but the task seems too daunting. There are so many potential courses, apprenticeships and careers to choose from that they are confused. ESRI research has previously found that young … Read More

Why You Should Hire More Curious People


Curiosity has been hailed by leading academics as one of the most critical competencies of the modern workforce. Curiosity has been shown to boost people‚Äôs employability and given that the jobs of the future are becoming less predictable, an increasing number of companies are looking to hire employees based on what they are likely to learn, rather than what they … Read More

Why We Need to Rethink What Makes a Great Leader

Identifying leaders

Companies of all sizes rely on leaders to motivate teams, manage evolving trends and drive business growth. Given the massive impact that leaders can have on organisational performance, it is no surprise that since 2013, leadership has been identified as the top trend for Irish organisations. Organisations of all sizes are trying to work out the best way to identify … Read More

Latest Guest Blog Posts – March 2017

Guest Blogging

We have recently written two guest blog posts about psychometric testing. The guest blog posts are: 1. How to Identify Great Leaders – In this blog post which was published on HRHQ, we discuss how psychometric tests can help organisations identify and hire great leaders. 2. Three Essential Tips to Help Your SME Hire the Best Candidates – This blog … Read More