Automated Working Memory Assessment (AWMA) Complete Kit


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Product Description

The Automated Working Memory Assessment (AWMA) is a PC-based assessment of working memory skills, with a user friendly interface.  The tool provides a practical and convenient way to screen for significant working memory problems from childhood through to early adulthood.

There are three levels of assessment within AMWA:
1.  AMWA Screener
This is made up of two sets and is suitable for screening individuals with suspected working memory difficulties.
2.  AMWA: Short Form (AMWA-S)
This consists of four tests and is recommended to screen individuals who are suspected to have memory difficulties, but the specific area of their difficulties is not known.
3.  AMWA: Long Form (AMWA-L)
 This consists of all 12 tests and is recommended for confirmation of significant working memory problems.
Age Range:  4 years to 22 years
Administration Time:
Screener: 5 t0 7 minutes
Short form:  10 to 15 minutes
Long form:  45 minutes
 Qualification Code:  CL3