Quiz – How Toxic is Your Work Environment?

toxic work environment

Toxic workplaces have become a hot topic of conversation in today’s world. Most of us have heard horror stories from friends about horrible bosses or terrible places to work. But how do you know whether your workplace is truly toxic, a worse place to work than normal or just a normal, stressful work environment? Over the past 35 years, we … Read More

Why You Should Incorporate Personality Testing into Your Career Guidance

The level of happiness and success that your clients (or students) will experience in their careers depends on whether they have the right mix of interests, aptitudes and personality attributes for their chosen career. Helping people find and get into courses and careers that they are likely to love and do well in is one of the most rewarding parts … Read More

The Best Way to Answer the 10 Most Common Interview Questions

Common Interview Questions

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew what you were going to be asked at your next job interview? While we may not be able to read your interviewer’s mind, we can provide you with the next best thing: A list of the 10 most common interview questions in Ireland, the best way to answer those questions and sample answers … Read More

4 Steps to Help Your Child Pick the Right Course

This is an incredibly stressful time for parents of Leaving Cert students. You have to help your son or daughter get through their exams successfully and immediately after that, you have to make sure that they are going to get into a course that is right for them. According to the Higher Education Authority, 16% of all first-year students quit … Read More

How to Help Leaving Cert Students Make Better Career Decisions

Leaving Cert Student - Career Decisions

For 35 years, countless Leaving Cert Students have come to us for help because they have no idea what courses and careers are right for them. They want to find out but the task seems too daunting. There are so many potential courses, apprenticeships and careers to choose from that they are confused. ESRI research has previously found that young … Read More