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Welcome to ETC Consult

Welcome to the website of Education Training & Career Consult based in Dublin, Ireland.

ETC Consult has been providing top quality services and products since 1982 that provide substantial benefits to:

  • Individuals of all ages looking for professional help in getting into and getting on in careers

  • Organisations that need to enhance their staff selection procedure through the use of Psychometric Instruments, Competence Interviewing and Meticulous Background Checking

  • Qualified professionals who need to acquire Psychometric Instruments and complementary professional training in Psychometrics

  • Teachers who need assessments and resources for the classroom

  • Parents who want to provide the best for their children in terms of education , course and career choice

  • HR, Training and Line Managers who need internationally recognised training in the use of Psychometric Assessment

  • The general public who would like to inform themselves on a multiplicity of topics related to Education, Psychology, Intelligence, Aptitudes, Personality, Special Needs, Stress and many more.

At the touch of a button you can go straight to whatever topic interests you – and, of course, you can contact us at any time by e-mail and during office hours by telephone.